About Figure 8 Realty

We are a real estate concierge, offering a full-service, vertically integrated approach, and a seamless path from concept to execution and beyond.

Welcome to the Figure 8 experience

Our agency is a carefully selected group of home-grown real estate specialists who work with properties throughout Los Angeles. We’re forward thinking, our methods are innovative, and we emphasize the creative approach in all matters.

By utilizing our portfolio of services including deal sourcing, in-house design, renovation, marketing, leasing, and property management, we can convert ideas of any size into reality. Our multidisciplinary expertise gives us a competitive edge in understanding local markets, trends, pricing and costs, allowing us to effectively analyze and optimize each unique experience.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, purchasing your next investment property, or looking for a new retail space in Los Angeles for your business, we're here to streamline your real estate experience. Buy, sell, lease, design, and manage - we’re revolutionizing the way people think about real estate by making the most difficult aspects of the process more achievable!